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Paolo Cremonese

postdoc researcher
lensing of gravitational waves

Universitat de les Illes Balears

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Atacama desert, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile - 04/2019 - © PC


Welcome to my website! I am the developer and designer of this site.
You can find informations about my career, my interests and (some of) my opinions and stories.
The website it's (more or less) always undergoing major or minor improvements, feel free to send me any comments or suggestions.

About me

me in Chile
I was born in Italy, in 1992. Specifically in Treviso, a small town in the north-east of Italy. I grew up in the venetian country side, quite close to Venice and in the land of prosecco. Throught the years I developed different passions: piano, football (and sports in general), technologies, philosophy and, most of all, astronomy. This last one, brought me where I am today. I live in Palma de Mallorca and work as postdoc researcher at the Universitat de les Illes Balears. Before this, I lived in Szczecin for 4 years (October 2018 - October 2022), a town in the north-west of Poland, where I studied to be a PhD in astrophysics. I work on Gravitational Waves and I am really excited about it. Mostly, on lensing of gravitational waves, you can find more information about that at this link. The group I am working with is specialized in Gravitational Waves while the one I worked with in Szczecin is very theoretical. Generally, I prefer data and observation! In fact, I graduated in astronomy in Padova in the September of 2017, after a year in Stockholm with the Erasmus project, where I worked on my master thesis.

Since I started working and could afford it, I like to travel, quite a lot, and I love "being around". I've been to many places in Europe, like England, Spain, Sweden (and Lapland!), Romania, and not many outisde it (yet)...can't wait for the next one. I particularly fell in love with Portugal and large part of America (Mexico, USA, Chile).
I love reading. Random stuff, usually. If you're curious, you can find a (not complete but updated) list here.
Finally, I enjoy riding my bike when I can. You can find my little progress here.


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I work on lensing of Gravitational Waves!
Read more about my studies and experiences, here.

Zakopane, Poland - 02/2021 - © PC


Also, I like to take photos, even though I am not a photographer.
Here, you can take a look at some of my pictures!

I use my phone (Huawei-P20pro) or my camera (Nikon D90) to take them.
All the pictures you see here, are taken by me.

Szczecin, Poland - 04/2019 - © PC

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