Curriculum Vitae

This page is specifically about my career. You can see my interests, pubblication, old experiences and my skill. You can also find a summary of all of this in the PDF version of my CV.

Hello everyone! I am a postdoc researcher, at the UIB gravity group. I work on gravitational lensing of gravitational waves!

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I'm happy at work


Research interests


On line listarXivINSPIRE


  1. Follow-up Analyses to the O3 LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA Lensing Searches - arXiv:2306.03827, J. Janquart, M. Wrigth, S. Goyal et al. - as contributor

  2. Characteristic features of Gravitational Wave lensing as probe of lens mass model - arXiv:2111.01163, with D.F. Mota and V. Salzano - published in Annalen Phys. 535 (2023) 6, 2300040

  3. Breaking the mass-sheet degeneracy with gravitational wave interference in lensed events - arXiv:2104.07055, with J.M. Ezquiaga and V. Salzano - published in Phys.Rev.D 104 (2021) 2, 023503

  4. High accuracy on H₀ measurements from gravitational wave lensing events - arXiv:1911.11786, with V. Salzano - published in Phys.Dark Univ. 28 (2020) 100517

  5. The lensing time delay between gravitational and electromagnetic waves - arXiv:1808.05886, with E. Mörtsell - a reviewed copy of the master thesis work.


Conferences & doctoral school

Talks & poster


  1. UIB Relativity and Gravitation group Seminar
    Palma, Spain
    November 05, 2021
    Talk given titled "Wave-optics in Gravitational Waves lensed events"

  2. GWverse global meeting in Lisbon
    Lisbon, Portugal
    August 30 - September 3, 2021
    Talk given based on arXiv:2104.07055

  3. Gravitex 2021
    August 9-12, 2021
    Talk given based on arXiv:2104.07055

  4. Cosmo '21
    August 2-6, 2021
    Poster presented based on arXiv:2104.07055

  5. Amaldi 14
    July 19-23, 2021
    Poster presented based on arXiv:2104.07055

  6. Cosmology from Home
    July 5-16, 2021
    Talk given based on arXiv:2104.07055

  7. Ibericos 2021
    March 29-April 1, 2021
    Talk given based on arXiv:2104.07055

  8. Cosmic controversies
    The University of Chicago, USA
    5-8 October, 2019
    Poster presented based on arXiv:1911.11786

  9. The 6th Conference of the Polish Society on Relativity
    Szczecin University, Poland
    23-26 September, 2019
    Mermber of organizing commitee

Research visits


Szczecin University
Ph.D. in cosmology
Advisor: V. Salzano & M. P. Dąbrowski

Università degli studi di Padova &
Stockholm University
M.Sc. in Astronomy
Advisors: E. Mörtsell & S. Matarrese
Thesis: Delay in arrival time between Gravitational Waves and Electromagnetic signal due to Gravitational Lensing

Stockholm University

Università degli studi di Padova
B.Sc. in Astronomy
Advisor: A. Pizzella
Thesis: Dark matter in spiral galaxies

Work experience

DBA group
Interniship as data scientist

Computer skills



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