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Szczecin University

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Atacama desert, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile - 04/2019 - © PC


Welcome to my website...! I am the (proud) developer and designer of this site.
Here you can find informations about my career, my interests and (some of) my opinions and stories.
I am learning how to do it, so the website it's always undergoing major or minor improvements, feel free to send me any comments.

About me

me in Chile
I was born in Italy, in 1992. Specifically in Treviso, a small town in the north-east of Italy. I grew up in the venetian country side, quite close to Venice and in the land of prosecco. Throught the years I developed different passions: piano, football (and sports in general), technologies, philosophy and, most of all, astronomy. This last one, brought me where I am today. I live in Szczecin since October 2018, a town in the north-west of Poland, where I'm studying to be PhD in astrophysics. I work on Gravitational Waves and I am really excited about it. Mostly, on lensing of gravitational waves, you can find more information about that at this link. The group I am working in is very theoretical, but I prefer data and observation! In fact, I graduated in astronomy in Padova in the September of 2017, after a year in Stockholm with the Erasmus project, where I worked on my master thesis.

Since I started working and could afford it, I like to travel, quite a lot, and I love "being around". I've been to many places in Europe, like England, Spain, Sweden (and Lapland!), Romania, and not many outisde it (yet)...can't wait for the next one. I particularly fell in love with Portugal and large part of America (Mexico, USA, Chile).
I love reading, random stuff, usually. If you're curious, you can find a (not complete but updated) list here.
Finally, I enjoy riding my bike when I can. You can find my little progress here.


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I work on lensing of Gravitational Waves!
Read more about my studies and experiences, here.

Zakopane, Poland - 02/2021 - © PC


Also, I like to take photos, even though I am not a photographer.
Here, you can take a look at some of my pictures!

I use my phone (Huawei-P20pro) or my camera (Nikon D90) to take them.
All the pictures you see here, are taken by me.

Szczecin, Poland - 04/2019 - © PC

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